Saturday, May 17, 2008

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

2nd Annual Girls Trip to All Inclusive, Dreams Resort, Punta Cana. If you work for the airline they have a sweet deal of $78 all inclusive. If you dont work for an airline, its $150 all inclusive and this includes food, drinks, hotel. You can't beat this deal. The ocean is great, the pool is enormous and serpentine with swim up bar (the Hut in the picture). They have activities planned all day from Pallea making, aerobics, yoga, volleyball, salsa, Merengue and Bacahta classes by the pool. At night we Salsa and Merengued in their Disco which is open until 2 am so you really dont need to leave the resort. They have a casino too. The restaurants were good. Mexican, Japanese, breakfast buffet and such. We also played 'name that tune' and won a ton of dreams dollars (that you see in one of the pictures). This was by far one of the best "all-inclusives" and one of the most memorable girls weekends!!!! Clearly I owe it to my awesomest girlfriends Cindy and her sister Jenny. Cindy moves to Costa Rica in a week so this was our last fun travel soiree before her departure.
Here is a link to the dreams dancing staff. We ended up meeting some very friendly dominicans Pedro, Clive, Alehandro, JZ. They entertained us, taught us dancing, phrases like mama ki, mama ya, patii pamii and introduced us to one yummy beach drink - the sammy sosa made with pina colada, blue curaceau and strawberry daiquiri. We had a blast! Michael Jackson, the MC or entertainer checked in with us every few hours reminding us of the next show or the next dance class. For more details you can always check out cindy's blog
or the website


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