Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guide to perfect 2 day weekend in Argentina

So I was in Buenos Aires Argentina a couple weekends ago and decided that I had to blog the itinerary for the perfect 2 day weekend in Argentina. You will not be dissappointed!! I have to thank Cindy Espinoza for it and Jonathan for indulging my escapades including the obsessive trying on of boots which there are plenty of in Buenos Aires. So go to Argentina for the weekend. Its doable! Follow this itinerary and you will come back happy!

Arrive Saturday morning:
If you work have starwood points, stay at the Sheraton Libratador. Fly in Friday night and you will arrive into Buenos Aires in style and rested by 8:30 am. Ask the hotel to hold your bags and walk down to Florida Street. Shops and restaurants will just be opening. Its your time to explore the area and and grab a coffee or a snack. Walk all the way to Casa Rosada (The Pink House). See the famous balcony that Evita stood on as she sang "Dont cry for me Argentina (ok, that was only in the musical -- but you get the point).
Lunch on Sat: Go to La Boca. Cab rides are cheap. You can spend hours here. Its the street with colorful houses. I have never seen a street more colorful. You will see multiple cafes, bars and Argentine Tango dancers on the street. Get some poses with the dancers!! Walk around and check out the local artists and their works. Try the Empanadas -- yummmmm and Quilmes (local beer). Check out the leather goods. When you have had enough, take a cab to the Recoleta area where the Cemeteries are. These are a must see.
The Recoleta Cemetery includes graves of some of the most influential and important Argentinians, including several presidents, scientists, and wealthy characters. Internationally, Eva Perón is the best-known person buried in this cemetery.
The entrance to the cemetery is through neo-classical gates with tall Greek columns. The cemetery contains many elaborate marble mausoleums, decorated with statues, in a wide variety of architectural styles. The entire cemetery is laid out in sections like city blocks, with wide tree-lined main walkways branching into sidewalks filled with mausoleums.
After exploring this area, its probably time for an evening of rest or refreshment before heading to the best steak restaurant in BA.
Dinner on Saturday:
Since you are in Argentina, you have to try a fine restaurant for Stealk and Malbec. Take a cab to La Cabrera located in the Palermo area. This came highly recommended by Cindy and by NY Times. Best cut of meat and Malbec I've had yet.
Note that there are 2 La Cabrera's across the street from each other. Either is fine. One of them had classy tables set out on the sidewalk and I believe requires a reservation. 8 or 8:30 is the right time for dinner. After 9 it will be very crowded however I hear that they serve champage to all guests that are waiting for tables :-).

Sunday Morning:
After breakfast, head to the San Telmo flea market. Its is very crowded and bustling with activity. Plenty of things ot look at and plenty places to eat and drink. We selected, La Terraza del Balcon which has a Tango performance with brunch plus the option to sit ion the roof deck and sip some chilled beverages. Very nice! When you are done here, head back to Florida street to finish up some last minute shopping.
Sunday Tea or Cafe + Snack before heading to the Airport:
You have to visit Cafe Tortoni to try some churros and cafe. Perhaps a sandwich if you are hungry. The Café Tortoni is a coffeehouse located at #825 of Avenida de Mayo (which is right in fron tof Casa Rosada). Inaugurated on 1858 it is the oldest coffeeshop in the country where the elite of the Parissiense culture gathered in the 19th century. Inspired by Fin de siècle coffee houses it makes the perfect last stop before heading back.