Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Smita's top 12 restaurants in Atlanta

12 Taqueria del sol(Mexican): simple, fish tacos, margheritas, salsa trio, warm chips, 2 buck tacos
11 Six feet under (American): oyster shots, best burgers, upstairs patio

10 Eclipse de luna (Spanish): Tapas, Music, Sangria

9 Fritti (Italian): truffle oil mushroom pizza, atmosphere, unique pizza's

8 Bhojanic (Indian): Thalis, shrimp appetizer, band on fridays, outdoor seating

7 Surin (Thai): Highlands, best nam tok, coconut chicken soup

6 Agave (Southwestern): tuna tartar, civeche, margheritas,

5 Ecco (Eclectic): Meats, cheeses, outdoor patio, club vibe, nice bar,

4 MF (Sushi) : Awesome sushi

3 Top spice (Malaysian): roti canai, spicy burn your mouth shrimp

2 Krog bar (Mediterranean): Wine pairings are beyond good; awesome apps, 3 gelatos, nice bar

1 One Midtown Kitchen (Fusion, Eclectic): Atmosphere, wine bar, baked goatcheese, mussles


Frank said...

You've got to try the Sunday Share at Ecco on Sunday nights at 6:30

Frank said...

You've got to try the Sunday Share at Ecco on Sunday nights at 6:30

Anonymous said...

For me Eclipse De Luna is probably higher on the list- love that place :)

Also- have never been to Bhojanic even though it is in my backyard! Must try it sometime soon...

Finally- you have no southern/soul food on the list! That's a shame! ;)

miss you,

Smita said...

hmmm yes, i do need southern food -- south city kitchen or shaun's in inman park?

Anonymous said...

I dunno there, Premkumar. I'm gonna have to disagree on a few of these.

MF Sushi - BLAH! Overpriced and not good. Try Hashiguchi Jr near Lenox. You dont get the same fancy atmosphere, but the food is 100x better

Where is Rathbuns, where's Kyma!!?!

One Midtown is decent but wouldn't be my top.

I also like La Travola (sp?) in Virginia Highlands for Italian, and Feast in Decatur for fancy american.

Smita said...

Ya, know maybe I need another list for "off the beaten path" like Hashiguchi, Zab e lee, Zyka.

PS: Anyone know of any good viet, malay or indonesian? I don't think they exist.
Also, i need a good mexican --- i have eaten at a ton but nothing pops (zocalo?)...