Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in Dubai

The 5 key things you should do if you go there:

1) Dune Bashing: We went to Hatta dessert not far from the city. We rented 4 Runners and a crazy driver. Driving on the dunes is something to experience.

Best memory: The video of us in the 4 runner, free henna and belly dancers under a moonlit sky

2) Burj Al Arab I have blooged about this building before. This time we ate lunch at the restaurant. Probably the most expensive lunch I will ever eat but totally worth it for the experience. The food and wine was excellent too. Best memory: Ajay chugging wine in a 7 star hotel leading to Smita driving his Mercedes home.

3) Gold Sukh: I have never seen so much gold lining a single street. Everything you can imagine in gold.
Best memory: Cindy trying on several gold rings (like she was going to buy something?) and telling the shop owner how he should have used more expensive and precious stones or something like that.

4) Jumeriah Beach
Best memory: While we decided to lay out in our bathing suits, we noticed that most others were in full Arab gowns while people in the water were wearing regular underwear (and I mean cotton boxers, briefs and such. do they not sell bathing suits in Dubai?)

5) Bab-el-shams
If you can afford it, do it. This is a Dessert Retreat complete with luxury, dunes, pools, camel rides, spas, awesome food and so on. We just went there for dinner.


Viva Cindy said...

they should have used beter stones....hes had 18k gold ring and mounted a plastic stone?????? that is stupid!! so i told him!! if it was ruby I would have bought it!!!

bArno said...

Looks like that hooka was kickin'!!