Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sea kayaking, Carolina coast

We are near north of Myrtle beach South Carolina at Francis and Junesca's house on the beach on Pawley's island. Today is by far the most beautiful day this year. It is 76 degrees, not too warm, cool breeze off the ocean. This is our first team offsite. We went to the shrimp dock yesterday and picked up 5 pounds of shrimp. We boiled them with old bay seasoning and lemons(just 3 mins after the water boils and they are perfect. more than that they get mushy). We also played Apples to Apples which I think is a really fun group late night drinking game like 'pass the ace'.
This is my first time sea kayaking and I think I am addicted. I plan to go back out again later but this time on the creek rather than the ocean since the tide is getting high and rough. The sun sets on the creek side so it's going to be awesome.

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