Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years

I celebrated NYE in a cabin in Chattanooga. I actually had decided that morning to be home this year because it has been so tough and I wanted to be alone, quiet and reflect. At noon, I had already spoken to Nameeta and Dad and they had already had their New Years in India. Then I decided to take Rita up on her offer (Thanks Rita!). She invited me to join her, Mark, Mel, Morgan, Dave and Angela at the cabin. She asked me to pack a bag and be ready by 3 pm. She also said that they would drive me there and back the next day. Thank God for friends. What would have I done this past year without my friends. I did end up thinking about mum the whole day and night and it was nice also to be close to my friends who are always looking out for me.

The log cabin was wonderful with several bedrooms, pool table and hot tub. We cooked and made cocktails and played Jenga, Uno Attack, cards all day. We also took the riverboat cruise for dinner and champagne at midnight. I looked up at the stars from the boat with my champagne glass and gave mum a flying kiss and raised my glass to her love and life. I missed her very much. Soon after, we went back to the cabin (not sure how but I ended up being designated driver so I was not buzzed but it was fun watching everyone else). We got in the hot tub in 20 degrees weather and by then I was very very very tired. Tired of 2008 and ready for 2009.

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