Sunday, August 19, 2007


So I bought a kick ass bike this weekend. The freedom park and stone mountain trails are really close by and I finally went on a long and awesome bike ride today. Couldn't figure out what happens after the trail goes over Boulevard so didn't quite get to the zero mile mark at Georgia Tech but will have to figure that one out. The other direction I hear is an 18 mile stretch of buildings, trees, parks all the way to stone mountian.
I bought the bike at Outback in Little 5, only a couple miles from my home.
Edgemont, my sales guy was so helpful and very knowledgeble and I would highly recommend him if you are in need for a bike and especially if you are a new biker like me. I tested both the Specialized and Bianchi models in my price range and ended up getting a Bianchi Bay City Cross-Terrain® bike. It is lightweight, versatile comfortable with an upright riding position with easy-to-operate shifting and brakes. They have all the gear and accessories like th ebike racks, helmets etc.

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