Thursday, July 10, 2008

Binod Bhabi

This is Binod Bhabi. She was found on a Railway Station platform. She knows her name but has no knowledge of where she came from. She was lost in a crowd situation at a Railway Station. For some months she just got on and off trains, begging. One of the social workers found her when she was begging and took her to a Shelter and then to MEG Community Centre. Binod came when she was 7, now she is 10 and very happy in M.E.G. Home.
I am her sponsor. It is only $420 to sponsor her for a full year. You can share with that child your affection and a chance to feel special by keeping in touch with him or her. Then you'll receive their photographs, their drawings and thougts in return.
It is more personal than donating money and not knowing what happens with your money which is often the case.
She is from the Visakhapattnam MEG Home. MEG has 2 villages -- one in Puri and the other in Vizag or Visakhapattnam.
If you are interesated in sponsoring a child, just click here

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